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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wishlist Wonders #1

Hello there! I've decided to do a regular Wishlist blog post so all you lovely readers can see what items I'm lusting after and see if there's anything to tickle your tastebuds as well. 

Let's get started!

#1 - ASOS CURVE Skater Dress In Summer Blurred Floral£45.00
I first saw this dress being worn by the lovely Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and immediately wanted it, no dare I say, needed it. The colours are so bright and vibrant and I adore the sweetheart neckline. The dress is skater style so I enjoy the fact it has soft pleats into the skirt section which travels away from the body in a fit and flare style hiding any lumps or bumps I may feel self-conscious about. Definitely a much wanted addition for my summer wardrobe, I just wish the price were a little less. Alas, I shall wait for the inevitable sale price to roll around before I purchase this key wardrobe item. 

#2 - Yours Clothing Black and Pink Tropical Print Popper Dress£30.00 NOW £19.00
When I feel a little stressed out I thoroughly enjoy 'window' internet shopping. That's exactly what led me to find this little beauty of a dress. Yours Clothing is a Plus Size website and store that I absolutely adore and they have some really gorgeous pieces in a price bracket that's not too expensive. As you can tell from the previous ASOS CURVE dress, I'm all about the florals this season and this Tropical Print dress is no exception. I specifically love the front 'popper' button fastening which runs the entire length of the piece. I also adore the cut out detail to the back of the dress. Reduced from £30 to £19.00 makes this dress even more of a bargain and definitely earns a place on my Wishlist!

#3 - New Look Gold Cat Face Ring - £2.99
I'm not really a jewellery kind of person. I have a few key pieces that I wear every day without fail for sentimental reasons, but when I saw this adorable little kitty kat ring I just fell in love. I have a small obsession with cats at the moment (not sure where this has stemmed from as I've never had a cat, nor do I know anyone with a cat!) and this is just an adorable gold ring. It's a fun accessory which I feel I could add to any outfit this festival season and being priced at less than £3 I feel it's a bargain to be had. 

#4 New Look Cream and Gold Stud Embellished Bowler Bag - £24.99
It's all about the studs for me! My shoes have studs on, my jackets have studs on, my t-shirts have studs on and so I only feel it's fair to want a bag with studs on it too! This embellished bowler bag in cream and gold is a perfect fit for the summer. It's the type of bag I can take when I go on long train journeys to visit friends over the summer and big enough to fit my iPad mini and makeup bag in too! I also feel I could wear a fairly plain outfit and this chic bag will effortlessly add a dash of excitement to it. 

So there you have it, the first instalment of Wishlist Wonders which will become a regular topic on this old blog of mine. If you enjoyed this then please leave me a comment telling me so and link me to an item that's currently on your wishlist. Thanks for reading!

Much love and other things xo


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    1. Hey Monica, thank you so much :) yes I'm following your blog now - it's amazing! Heather xx

  2. I love that ring!! so cute!!
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