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Friday, 19 July 2013

Vintage treats!

Hi there! I hope all you lovely readers are enjoying this marvellous weather we're having. It really does put you in a cheery old mood doesn't it? Well when you're not too busy sweating to death... Anyway! Moving on!

Yesterday I spent the day in the sunshine with my Mum at a very adorable little village in the country where they have vintage shops galore. Literally about three within 10 feet of each other! I am a sucker for all things ornate and old fashioned - hence why my flat is full of clutter, but at least it looks pretty!

I decided to snap a few pictures in one of the stores we went into which had laid out an entire room entitled, very wittily, 'The Vintage Room'. 

It's all so adorable! Please comment if you share my enthusiasm for all things vintage, or if you prefer modern decor then tell me why! Thanks so much for reading.

Much love and other things xo


  1. Cool! I'd so wear like a vintage dress if I went there, you know. Get the vintage feeling :P Love it

  2. They're great photo's. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

    Sarah x