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Monday, 8 July 2013

10 things about me!

1) I have a BSc (Hons) in Biological and Biomedical Psychology! I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011 and have basically done nothing with my degree since...oops!
2) I have been cursed blessed with naturally curly hair since birth. There was a time where I would not leave the house without either tying it back in the most restrictive of hair style or frying it to death via hair straighteners. Nowadays I tend to embrace the curls more - I'm not sure whether this is due to being too lazy to do anything with my hair or if I'm finally accepting that curly hair isn't all that bad. 
3) I have a *small* obsession with all things Hello Kitty. I have Hello Kitty towels, socks, purses, hairbrushes, headphones etc. It's a real problem! But it also makes me the easiest person to buy presents for because I genuinely love everything with her cute little kitty face on it :) yes I am a 23 year old very mature young lady, I swear! Ahem...
4) My favourite place in the world is Orlando, Florida. I could quite happily live in Cinderella's castle in Disney's Magic Kingdom or even Hogwarts in Universal's Islands of Adventure. I've been to Florida four times in my life (I'm very lucky, I know!) My favourite trip there was for my 21st birthday where I spent the day in Magic Kingdom being treated like a Princess. The best week of my life! 
5) I'm a geek. A full on nerd. I was a geek before being a geek was cool! Due to having an older brother, I was brought up watching Star Wars and playing Sonic the Hedgehog on our Sega Megadrive. This has led to a life of me being obsessed with all things geeky. My favourite TV show is Doctor Who. I spend a lot of time playing Pokémon on my Nintendo DS. My favourite books are Harry Potter. I can probably recite the Lord of the Rings trilogy by heart... You get the idea!
6) I have two favourite bands. McFly and All Time Low. I'm very fortunate to have met both of them and seen them perform live too many times to remember! I'm one of those people who depends on music and uses it as an escape mechanism. If I'm having a thoroughly rubbish day, I'll go to my iTunes and I'll pop on an old McFly album, which will make me smile in an instant. I've met some of my closest friends through these two bands and I owe them a great deal for my daily happiness. 
7) I no longer drink alcohol. When I was at University I was quite the party animal and even when I returned home I would still enjoy the odd binge drinking session. It's a very recent decision that I've made based on various different factors, but ultimately I've decided that alcohol doesn't do anything good for me. It doesn't make anything better and it really just leaves me suffering for days afterwards. I'm no spring chicken anymore and it's time I start taking care of myself. So I've cut out something that will realistically help me in the long run and it feels pretty darn good. Here's one last commemorative drunken photo just for the giggles...
8) I enjoy the little things in life. I know this might be hard to believe considering I live quite the hectic lifestyle - always at gigs, traveling etc. but quite honestly, give me a sunny day in the park over anything else and I'll be a happy girl. It's something I've come to realise only recently, but I don't take enough time for myself. When I do, I have the most creative thoughts and really feel inspired and it's absolutely wonderful. 
9) I prefer Winter to Summer... I know, I know, what the devil is wrong with me?! I think it's because I'm a Winter baby. Being born in February, I've developed a love of all things snowy and cold. I also like the fact that if I'm cold, I can just bundle up with scarves and gloves. Whereas if I'm too hot it means removing layers, but even when you get down to your skin and it's still sweltering you can't do much else!! So yes, give me all things Christmas and December and snow and I'll be a happy girl. 
10) Phew, thought we'd never get to number 10! Right well number 10 is my biggest goal / dream in life. I want to become a qualified counsellor. I'm a person who is very orientated around helping other people and I love to listen to people's problems and try to help them in some way. What I enjoy most is enabling people to see themselves the way that I see them. Far too often I come across someone who is an absolute gem but they just don't have any self confidence. There's a lot of suffering in this world and if I achieve my dream job then I'll hopefully be able to help reduce that suffering, even if it's only a little bit.

So thank you very much for reading that, if you managed to stay awake then leave me a comment below telling me a random fact about yourself! Or if you've done a post like this then link me to it, I love getting to know new bloggers! 

Much love and other things xo

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  1. Oh my god, I love ALL TIME LOW! I saw them live back in 2011. YOU MET JACK?! Ah so lucky!!!
    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter