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Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hello my beautiful readers (if there's even anyone reading this!) I am so sorry for the lack of "blog" posts. Everything seems to revolve around a Youtube video on here nowadays and I apologise but sometimes I feel it's better to visualise a certain topic or idea rather than describe it in detail through words. 

Lately I've felt much more drawn to making videos rather than putting fingers to keys. I'm sure you can agree that not only is this frustrating for me but also to anybody who enjoys reading my blog! I did mention in the last post that I have some blog ideas that I'm working on and they're still being worked on. I just happen to be working at the pace of a snail...

Sorry, again! But to (hopefully) make it up to you, here is my newest haul video which includes a tiny life update at the very end. 

This video has everything from Primark to Disney so something for everyone! I really hope you enjoy the video and if you do then leave me a comment telling me just that!

Thanks a lot for sticking with me and holding out for a real blog some time soon. I have a million ideas, it's just a case of being able to find the time to sit down and put 100% into my writing. 

Much love and other things xo

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