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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Leaping into the unknown

Well, hello there. First blog post from yours truly; not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous but hey ho that's what life's all about! Putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to shiny, new things!

So I thought I would use this first blog post to write a little bit about myself. My name is Heather-Louise but only my mother uses this "Sunday name" when I'm in a spot of Heather is just fine on its own! I'm currently 23 years of age and I live in a not-so-sunny seaside town in the North of England. This is my face when I've made an effort to look half decent for an evening out on the town (a rare occasion might I add!)...

I am currently in full time employment, which provides security but not fulfilment. This leads to spending the majority of my day dreaming about things I could be doing to make the world a little bit better. Living inside of my head can only be described as a whirlwind of sparkle, magic and unicorns. I'm very imaginative and hopefully one day I'll bundle all of these ideas into a book for everyone to read and enjoy (or at least get a good giggle out of it!) I also write lyrics, short stories and like to sing a song every now and again.

As far as a category of a blog - I'm not going to make any promises; as this will only lead to disappointment one way or another. One thing I can say is that it will be filled with things about my life; whether that's plus size OOTDs, or my thoughts on a new film, or a book I've finished - who can say! It's a blog about me and all of the weird and wonderful adventures I've been on or am about to embark on. 

As for the blog title; it's a lyric taken from the amazing musical "Loserville" - very tongue in cheek and in no way is this a way to attempt to validate the fact I'm not weird... Ahem! Also incidentally my twitter handle is @weirdaboutme so if you'd like to give me a follow then do feel free!  

Much love and other things xo

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